What you say, what you do, and how you act is your entrée card in this world. For the most part we are all in control of our voices and our actions. Often times we find ourselves and others for that matter, just speaking out of turn, and saying some of the most inappropriate or mean spirited words one can think of. Compliments and niceties go much farther, but in an effort to have the upper hand and control of a situation, we often times find it advantageous to take a stronger approach which can lead to tough and nasty verbiage. We all should know better, and remember that a few kind words can go farther than a lot of offensive ones. Be it on the phone, in person, via emails over the computer, or just in your everyday lives, how you conduct your thoughts leading to your verbal communication can make all the difference in the world. Say too much, say too little, or strive to say just the right amount in the right way. And remember, the truth always wins out. If you try to conceal that, somehow, somewhere, you will get caught with your “hand in the cookie jar.” The same goes true for what you do and how you act. Many feel that actions speak louder than words and what you do and how you act could have a much greater impact on some than what and how you say it. People’s actions most of the time speak for themselves, as you are judged by others for the behavior you exhibit. Unfortunately, even the best intentions can be criticized and people don’t often look favorably on even the simplest and most innocent deed. It doesn’t take more than watching for a few moments on TV to see how the media, the press, the public and home viewers such as us, can pounce on the actions of celebrities, newscasters, politicians, and everyday citizens. We even have non-news television programs scheduled that are created to pull apart, make fun of, and ridicule the actions of all the above. How sad that so much energy and time is wasted on such nonsense. The money and effort could be spent in so many better venues. But, human nature is just that and we are curious, complicated, and critical creatures who continue to feed on the actions and words of others. Set the tone, set the pace and see if within your own world and your own space you can make some headway. You are the only one you can control and be in charge of. Trying to change others will never happen, and perhaps by example you can make a difference. If not, remove or distance yourself from unhealthy situations and live your life in a more clean, calm and cautious manner. What you say, how you act, and what you do does make a difference, certainly to yourself and those around you.