With so many scares of terrorism all over the world, and hundreds of security issues to deal with, why not forego the European vacations for a while and see the USA. Recently we were invited to our friends’ son’s wedding in Los Angeles so we decided to make a vacation around the wedding festivities. So, we booked our tickets to LAX (Los Angeles airport) several months ago and could not believe how inexpensive the airfare was. Next there were hotel arrangements to make. For the first time in ages, we actually were able to take advantage of points/miles that had accumulated on our account and we could to enjoy a full week “free.” Since our lives are so scheduled all of the time, and we had a few times already set on the calendar with rehearsal dinner, wedding, and after wedding brunch, we decided to let the rest of the trip fall into place one day at a time. We arrived on a Wednesday afternoon at the airport to the most fabulous weather. Never having been in California in February, we did not know what to expect. While most of the Northeast and Midwest were knee deep in snow and freezing temperatures, Los Angeles was enjoying the most delicious weather imaginable. With almost no humidity, and temperatures a little warmer than usual for this time of year, we were the beneficiaries of perfect weather. Just having a week alone set aside out of town was enough of a treat for us. Each and every day we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, followed by an adventurous day out. Days, evenings, nights, all planned as the time came upon us. We had wonderful dinners that never disappointed. Each day was a new experience, filled with beautiful scenery, wonderful sites to see, and relaxing time spent together. We talked about all the places we have never been in the USA and promised ourselves to see more in this country before venturing outside for a while. The trip to California, that started out as a plan to attend a wedding, turned into one of the best weeks we could remember having in our almost 39 years of marriage. Perhaps it was just being together, having the opportunity to spend so much uninterrupted time talking, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company, or the fabulous place we were in. Either way the time away was magical and there was more of a sense of comfort being in our own country. We both felt it from the moment we arrived at the airport in Los Angeles and checked into the hotel. How great to vacay in the USA.