Oh, the thrill of finding loose change in pants pockets, underneath sofa cushions, or in your car. Loose change is always good and brings a smile or a chuckle. You gather up your change in a glass jar and take it over to the bank to convert to dollars that you will use for a dinner out, a vacation, or perhaps a surprise purchase. Change in life as an alteration or modification is a different matter. Human nature does not always embrace change as smoothly as the shiny coins we find when we least expect them. Yet those changes also occur often times at unplanned moments in our lives. How we deal with those events is what builds character and tests our spirit. Jobs, life events, and moving can be initiated and planned by us or thrust upon us without our permission or prior awareness. The expression, “change is good,” in its brief expression is not always true. How we deal with any change by making the end result work for us is why we say it is “good.” The real estate market has its own categories for change along with all the other life events that occur. Moving to a new, big house for job relocation, or family expansion, downsizing because children have grown and moved out, or unloading the speculative property you thought would make you rich quick are a few of the scenarios we deal with every day. Adding a second home or condo to your real estate portfolio, investing in commercial income property, or taking advantage of a foreclosure is also what our clients have us investigate for them. In addition to all the above real estate possibilities you might have or are engaged in, PLEASE hear us when we say as others do as well, these times are to be taken advantage of. Supply is low in comparison to the past few years and prices are strong. Opportunities to sell are definitely out there. It is your job to see if selling at this time in your life works for you. Perhaps the added change in your life will be good. Make the decision to do so voluntarily and for all the right reasons. Gather up your loose change, your assets, and your resources and along with the specialists in our office consider the changes you can make in the real estate market.