Since the beginning of each year brings new plans, new hopes, and lots of motivation and enthusiasm, why not make the beginning of the year a time to get organized. Counting back the number of years you are advised to save necessary papers and receipts, purge your home, your office and your overpaid storage spaces with the oh too many boxes and files you dared and were too scared to part with. Take the time to reminisce and review maybe for sentimental value and save only what you must. Be brave and bold and shred away. Lighten your load and get a better grip on what you should be keeping and organize yourself so anything and everything will be in easy reach if you should need to access that information. This is not an easy task and should not be attempted by the faint at heart. Don’t expect to do it all in one day and pace yourself over a long weekend or several evenings. Tackle one area at a time, from the past, and the present to planning for the future. With each file that is reviewed and reorganized you will feel empowered and freer. Take the time to tackle this task with pictures on your cameras and computers as well. As we live in the digital world and so many of us rarely print out every picture we take, it is easy to lose or misplace where our favorite photos have gone. Get your pictures organized by date or by event, and make sure they are saved in a secure place on an external hard drive and even a DVD for safe keeping. The start of the New Year is a good time to check on credit cards reviewing balances, credit limits, and even rewards you may not have followed. Who knows what surprises you may find with points having accumulated that you forgot you had. Check on the expiration dates for driver’s licenses, passports, and protection plans for your electronic equipment. Nothing is worse than thinking you have time still to go when the expiration date has come and gone. It’s overwhelming, I know, and it’s easier to look away, say I’ll attend to it later, and deal with it at a later date. The truth is if you” bite the bullet” and take the time now you will save yourself time and lots of stress later when you need to put your fingers on information in a hurry. Shred, shred, shred. I cannot stress that enough. No one wants crucial account numbers, addresses, and phone numbers to fall into the wrong hands. It may seem like no big deal but the consequences can be frightening. Start slowly, gain speed and in no time you will find yourself updated and in order. Be patient, lighten your load, and start 2015 knowing everything is right where it belongs.