The number of South Floridians has grown over the years due in a very large part to the weather we so richly enjoy. Of course we always have the annual fears and possible threats of hurricanes in the summer months and the added heat as well but the trade offs are well worth it. While the rest of the country, especially the Midwest and the Northeast, deals with the cold temperature blasts and snow this past week, we look out most days at sunshine. The grass is greener than ever, and the flowers that cannot handle the summer heat, grace every lawn, driveway, and road median around town. The combination of the warmth and the breeze truly make this the tropical paradise that we have all come to know and love. Everyone wants to be here this time of year. We are the envy of all around us with our Chamber of Commerce weather. We may not be on vacation, doing what all the tourists are doing, but you cannot escape even the small or should I say big indulgence of enjoying the weather along with all the vacationers who flock here to escape the miserable weather back home. You only have to turn on the news or check the app on your phone to see the record cold temperatures gracing the rest of the country to appreciate what we have here in South Florida. Down here we are pleased about the drop in heat to enjoy the change in temperature and an opportunity to pull out the sweaters and boots. But we know it is temporary and short lived all the while enjoying our glorious sunshine. Those on vacation for a few days or perhaps a full winter season are enjoying the beautiful hotel resorts or perhaps an apartment they purchased to take a stake hold in Florida real estate. Some bought when the prices were preconstruction while others bought when the prices skyrocketed. Now is a great time for those who truly want to be permanent return guests and purchase while there is still inventory around at affordable prices. Interest rates are still low so that will work in your favor if you choose to finance. Either way make it your business to get in on the action and treat yourself to a lifestyle many only dream of. Give us a call or stop in to see what might be worth your investment. Make South Florida your vacation spot, your second home, or your permanent place to hang your hat.