Elementary, Middle, High School and then College. Not everyone completes that last piece consecutively, without a break or two, or perhaps three. I did not expect when I walked down the aisle at my High School graduation that four years later I would not be doing the same walk after college. I began Brooklyn College actually while still in High School and expected to continue without pause after the High School tassel was placed on the other side of my graduation cap. But one thing led to another and my path in life took a different turn. I moved to Florida eight months after High School and continued at Miami Dade when it was just a two year community college. After achieving my AA degree I enrolled in FIU when only the South Miami Campus existed. I was a business major, only 20 years old and about to be married. School just didn’t seem to fit into my life as I was working closely with Sid and family in the hotel business. Having lost my Mom during my senior year in High School nothing seemed more important to me at the time than getting married and starting a family. Once the children were born, one, two and three, life was just as busy as could be. I was so happy and content with my life, my family, working with my husband, and being active in community life. A couple of times I reenrolled in FIU which by now had a North Biscayne Bay Campus, but after the second return I switched my major to psychology feeling quite strongly that if I was to return and spend the time and effort it should be totally immersed in a field I felt I could enjoy and grow from. In 2002 for the third time I left college and assumed at that point in my life I would most likely never complete my degree. After all I had everything I wanted and that degree was not going to enhance my life. All three of our children continued on to wonderful universities achieving degrees, going to graduate schools, and boasting professions they all love and excel at. Their education became my mission in life vowing that each one of them would surpass what I did not accomplish. I have no regrets, I don’t really believe in them. But what I do believe in is the ability to go back and pick up the pieces where you left off if you so choose. With six grandchildren now in the picture, the decision to return to school seemed easy. Things have changed on the college campus in 12 years, so much is done online, the teachers, advisors, and of course the students are much younger than me, but learning is still learning. With only a minimal amount of classes left to complete my Bachelor’s degree, I have returned determined to finish this time without a break. I will walk down that aisle, with my children and grandchildren as witnesses that you can go back with no one more proud of me than me.